The class will be held on Monday evenings at 7 PM. It is open to all abilities and anyone 14 and over.  The cost is $10 per person. Contact Rebecca with any questions!

About Rebecca:

My name is Rebecca Degeilh, and I work with children, as well as adults, using the practices of intenSati, yoga, and mindfulness to help them recognize their own strengths. 

I walk alongside the whole individual - body, mind, and spirit – towards self-acceptance, confidence, and compassion towards others.

In 2008 I trained with the founder of intenSati, Patricia Moreno, and became certified as an intenSati leader. intenSati is a high-intensity cardio class that combines positive affirmations with interval training, martial arts, dance, and yoga. Since that time I have been leading intenSati classes for all ages.

In 2009 I began training as a life coach and worked with The Handle Group until 2012. Although this was not the career path I choose to follow, I do feel my time there gave me a deeper understanding of the human condition and has provided a toolset I continue to use in my work today. 

Finally, after many years of practice, I completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training this past year. This last piece of the puzzle has both opened me up and grounded me in purpose. 

I believe that through mindful movement, positive affirmations, and practiced stillness, we can learn to clear through the clutter of media, peer pressure, and the expectations we place upon ourselves to attain a deeper sense of self-awareness. It is this self-awareness and true ownership of our gifts that leads to more colorful, better functioning and stronger communities.