Dear Searching Momma,

Your girl is getting older and you wonder if you are prepared for the multitude of changes about to descend on your household.

You’ve heard it before a thousand times… “just wait until she’s a teenager.”

With that seven-word phrase you are thrust into the story of the inevitable cracking and break down of a relationship with your girl. This story tells us that we need to brace ourselves to lose our child to the tumultuous waters of the teen years.


Slamming doors? "Just wait."

Constant arguing? "Just wait."

Angry tension? "Just wait."

Rejecting you? "Just wait."

Relationship with her? Ha! They say, "Just wait!"

The story goes that she will undoubtedly slip or claw her way away from you and your relationship with her will be impossibly awful, or difficult or absent.

I am pretty sure you want the truth, so here it is;

That story we just talked about… is a huge, ugly lie.





It. Does. Not. Have. To. Be. That. Way.



Let us be different.
It is simple, though not always easy.
The answer lies in learning to hold the space for her. (click HERE for a great description of "holding space.")

At Maiden Sisterhood, we learn to hold the space by:

listening without fixing

loving unconditionally

empowering her choices

educating and guiding her

creating a safe space for her to feel and fail

allowing her to be her, not little versions of us.

healing our own wounds

♥ Instead of suiting up for battle, prepare to hold the space for her as she finds her voice.♥ Instead of waiting for THE br

Here's another truth, Sisters.

We cannot lead where we have not walked.

Walk with me into your fears, ineptness and fumbling.

This is where we really learn to hold the space.

For ourselves and for her.

Judith Duerk

I know my life would have been different.  I have had a longing from deep within to have a place; a place to be seen and heard and validated for all that makes me feminine. A place to learn about myself as a woman and be guided by those who already know the truth and wisdom of being a woman.

Can you relate, Sister?

I have longed to feel held and honored for WHO I AM, in all my feminine power. I have longed for my tribe.

Is that longing in you, too?crying girl

There is a longing in me for the healing of my own wounds, for me and for my daughters, so I can gracefully welcome them to their place in the circle of womanhood. So their longing is acknowledged and their primal hunger is fed.

Are you longing for healing?




Maiden Sisterhood offers you and your girl a chance to

write a story that is just yours.

One full of connection and joy!


Course begins on Monday, May 15, 2017

Mommas alone will meet on the first Monday from 7-8pm

                       Mommas and girls will meet for 5 more Mondays from 7-8pm                           (we will not meet on Memorial Day)

Replays will be available for a limited time after each session!

In this Six Week Course,

you and your daughter will get:


 One live session per week where you and your girl join me in:

Exploring puberty and physical changes she can expect=smiling

The magic and mystery of menstruation and female cycles

Honoring self and boundaries

Tips and practice ideas for staying connected with one another, especially when things get rough

Self care, self calming, and self love

Planning a first moon celebration and finding or creating a Red Tent

Two live group sessions for Momma.

During this adult only time, you will have an opportunity to:

Explore your own feelings and beliefs about what it means to be female

Express your fears to a group of women who know those fears too

Begin to identify and shed the pieces of your past that are holding you (and consequently, your girl) back

Discover that you have what it takes to hold the space for your girl

Learn the Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping to release stress, stuck energy and past traumas

Let's chat

In addition to the two LIVE sessions, Mommas are invited to a Secret Facebook group to continue the conversation.   I will be on the page at least once per week for the duration of the course for support.

For your daughter, there is a private and secure forum, for girls only, on my website.This is open only to girls currently enrolled in this course. Group will remain open for 3 weeks following the course for musings, questions, sisterhood and celebrations!

Your investment

in this journey with your daughter

is just  $547.

Use code ready16 before May 1st for a $75 discount.

Then refer a friend! If they sign up and pay in full, you will receive a $50 cash bonus back!!