Starting September 10, 2017


Quick, bites sized tapping calls on different topics related to our stressful lives!

Meet Meg every Sunday night at 8 pm for a 15-minute tapping call on various topics affecting our lives.

Topics include: money, physical pain, grief, anger, parenting, anxiety, procrastination, hurt, loneliness, uncertainty, jealousy, past traumas, self-hatred, body-image, etc.....

You name it: we can tap on it.

AND feel relief!

If you are subscribed and you miss the call, no worries!  It will be recorded and you will have access to it later!

You can learn how to alleviate your stress, calm your body, make peace with the past and move into your future without overpowering anxiety.

 Sound good!?

How about this?  

Your investment is

ONLY $5 per week!  

FIVE BUCKS to be guided into your emotional freedom!!