Certified Professional Hypnotherapy Training

  ~ Are you Dreaming of a career that doesn’t feel like work?                                                                                              
~ Are your days too precious to spend them locked into a 9-5 schedule watching the clock tick off your life?

                                                                                                                                                                                             ~Are you a compassionate and caring person who desires to help others AND live debt free?

~ Are you longing for the freedom to set your own hours and your own vacation time?

Do you have 9 days to

positively change

your career and your life?

Then this 100 hour training 

program is for you!

and the Hypnosis Research and Training Center.
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This training will prepare you for your rewarding future in the highly respected career of Hypnotism and Hypnotherapy. Finally, you can enjoy your work and feel the personal satisfaction which comes from helping others. This exciting and dynamic field offers career opportunities in smoking cessation, weight control and corporate level stress management programs, community education programs, goal assessment skills, self-hypnosis, as well as regression techniques. Let your creative juices flow and create innovative and expansive applications for your new skills. Introduce these effective techniques for growth and healing to your family and friends. And of course apply them to your own life!

October 15-23, 2016

Breathing Space Studio
3455 Erieville Road, Erieville, NY 13061

Tuition Investment $ 2,200.00
Space is Limited ~ REGISTER HERE!

                           You Will Receive:                 
* 80 hours with a certified NGH instructor with over 20 years experience 
* Certification by the National Guild of Hypnotists 
* One Free Year Annual membership in the NGH
* Free one year subscription of The Journal of Hypnotism
* A Free one year subscription to the quarterly Hypno-Gram 
* A Certificate suitable for framing to display in your office 
* Two in depth student manuals 
* A complete packet of scripts * Over 8 DVD’s 
* A workbook and DVD on Mega Marketing 
* A CD filled with motivational messages to keep you on your career track 
* A pendulum 
* And monthly NGH Chapter meetings offering support and guidance
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The Sky is the Limit
                            You Will Learn:                    
* How to define and explain hypnosis to your clients 
* How to hypnotize 
* Hypnotic inductions: Dave Elman,and other rapid and instant techniques 
* Depth Testing – Testing to discern the level of trance your client has achieved
 * How to determine which induction will bring success for your client 
* Suggestibility Testing
 * Ideomotor Response technique 
* How to do a thorough Case Analysis 
* How to identify and resolve Secondary Gain Issues
 * Regression Techniques for Current Lives 
* Regression Techniques for Past Life Therapy 
* Somatic and Affect Bridge Techniques 
* Parts Therapy/Ego State Therapy * Hypnotic Language Patterns
 * Time Track Therapy 
* Using a Pendulum (what self-respecting hypnotist would be without one?) 
* Self-Hypnosis 
* Marketing your new career and building recognition 
* How to heal low self-esteem issues
 * Smoking Cessation 
* Stress Management 
* Weight Control

* And of Course, Much, Much More….

For more information about Elizabeth and to contact her, go to her website at www.elizabethnahum.com